Sunday, July 11, 2010

I don't think there is anyway to know, when you first....

pick up a crochet hook, how much love there will be in every stitch! The feeling of being able to make something beautiful for someone that you love is priceless! The time that you spend with your daughter, or a friend who wants to learn the craft is priceless! The comfort that you give to a sick friend or neighbor with a little throw blanket, or pillow, is priceless!

There's love in the stitches, and I'm excited to share it with you!! These instructions will be directed to those who know the crochet basics (Chain =Ch, Single Crochet =SC, Double Crochet =DC, Treble Crochet = TC, Loop = LP, Slip Stitch = SlSt), but if you are a beginner, have no fear! I am excited to teach as many as possible!! Just e-mail me at and I'll send detailed instructions and walk you through the learning process. There will be lots of pictures to make it easy to follow along!

We are going to work on 1 new pattern per week! I can hardly wait to get started! I'm looking forward to your comments! Feel free to post a comment if you've seen a stitch that you'd like to learn how to do!

With Love,

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