Monday, July 19, 2010

Mama Mia's Star Stitch

One of my all time favorite stitches is the one that my mom always called the Star Stitch! So we'll call it "Mama Mia's Star Stitch"!
Isn't it gorgeous??! I think it's lacey and beautiful and still tight enough to be really cozy and warm!'s how you get started. Chain the length that you want the project to needs to be an odd # of stitches. (make your chain a little looser than usual, because this stitch will stretch it to its limit. If you find that your edges do not stay straight, you may want to go back and make your chain with a hook that is 1 or 2 sizes bigger than the one that you do your stitches with.) we go! When you get your chain made, ch 3 more for first DC, turn, begin DC in 4th ch from hook. See picture...
You are not going to finish this DC. Just yo, pull it through chain, yo, and pull through 2 lps leaving 2 lps on your hook. See picture...*YO, Begin DC in second ch from hk...see picture below. Notice that there are 3 lps on hook, On this DC you will pull thru 2, then pull thru 3(this connects this star to the previous star) DC in same stitch, begin dc in same stitch, pull thru 2 and leave 2 lps on hook...* repeat from * across.
When you get to the end, there will be 2 stitches left that you could go in. Continue with pattern by skipping 1 and start DC in last st.[pull thru 2, pull thru 3, same as above]. Finish by doing 1 full DC in same stitch. Chain 3 to turn and repeat row 1, over and over until you reach your desired length.
Please fee free to comment if you get lost in here or find this a bit confusing. I'll be checking often and am glad to help!

Happy Hooking!

Mama Nettie


  1. I'm gonna try this, on a big blanket for my bed! (Gets cold up here) :) Have never seen this stitch before and my crochets skills are a bit rusty, but this looks pretty straight forward! Thanks for posting. :)

  2. I love this. I think it would look really nice in hat form.